2002-08-21 20:54:37 ET

i just spent 300$ on booty house records and 200$ on skull skates gear.


2002-08-21 14:36:00 ET

i can't stop eating.

and i am not excersizing (sp?) <--- i can never spell that.<BR>
so i am gaining weight like crazy.

it is abnormal for a person to gain as much weight as i gain.

could it be a sickness or something. will i be cursed to eat wheat grass for the rest of my life?

hmmm....immma ask my doctor to recommmend a nutritionist.

cuz this is riducolous.

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2002-08-20 20:22:21 ET

this is my ode to KARATEMAN entry.

its all for him.

cuz he rawks my boat.

i <3 him.

2002-08-20 11:46:04 ET

i cannot erase him from my thoughts.

ever since we spoke and he said he was moving back.

i curse at him for entering these hopeless dreams into my head.

all i can think about is "it".

and hope that one day we can both close our eyes and embrace that of which has been present for all these years.

2002-08-19 16:52:35 ET


wheres my momma.

i havent seen her in a week and i think they were suppose to be back yeaterday?

*sniffle* i miss my mommma.

and i am still sickies.

i need her to take care of me.

b00urnz!!!!! teen choice awards are soo supah lame.

i think i am becoming more and more anti -tween lately.


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