2002-09-03 18:07:08 ET


just as i thought i was ok to return to sk.

my first haunting stomach wrenching blood boiling encounter with the tainted one.

bleh. ok i think i shall vomit now.

i cannot avoid the nightmares that will come with this grusome encounter tonight.

2002-09-03 13:04:17 ET

oh gawd.

today was suppose to be my first day of skool.

yet i still sit here and puddle jump promising myself that tomorrow i will go sign up for fall classes.

welll i have been putting it off for about 8 months now.

and i finally missed it.

meybee its time for a detox and get my shit together.

i seee myself started to deteriorate (sp?) slowly again.

it fools you tho. i mean if you can eat and sleep every day yout hink everything is fine. it just keeps you from getting anything done.

blah enuff of the sketchy jibber jabber.

buh bye.

p.s i think my right shoulder blade is about to pierce thru my skin. the muscles are so much in pain from all the muslce tension. why work out when you can jump puddles and work every nook and cranny of muscle in your body without even moving. just be sure to replace the calcium that the art of jumping depletes.

2002-08-28 08:57:37 ET

oh my.

*blush* i am absolutely in love with the new weezer vid.

the muppets rawk my boat.

they make me all giddy n stuffz.

2002-08-26 12:56:44 ET

had a doc appt this morn.

it was horrible.

why is it so nessasary to have "physicals"

i am sooo uncomfortable and sore now.

but at least it only comes once a year i guess. blah. anyways he recommended me to a dietician so i can talk about my vitamins and food intake and learn to eat right and all that jazz.

also i am goin to go to the gym and talk to a trainer.

meh. other than that i am bored and lonely. why did everyone have to leave again for school and i am still stuck here.

ahhh i am doomed to loneliness and abandonment forever.

2002-08-25 17:30:07 ET

What fashionable underground band/style are you?

this quiz was made by the sunni bunni bear

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