2002-09-10 13:19:31 ET

let me hit it doggy style let me hit it doggy style let me hit it from the back and i give that ass a smack oh shit here we go dj funk o dem hoes dookie booty bang it cutie bend on over do your dutie shake that ass and them tits , let me see your dookie split turn around , touch the ground move your booty to the sound

ahhh yeh dj funk at his finest.

got some new booty rekkids today.

oOo gabber an booty tonight. all night long!

2002-09-09 10:39:55 ET

have an appt with the dietician tomorrow.

i wuzzah suppose to keep track of my food intake for the past couple of days .

but i completely forgot.

but i usually eat the same junk anyways.

its just so i can talk about vitamins and the proper way to eat and stuff.

my car is finally getting fixed after alll the months and months of procrastination all it needed was a new battery.

which is like 100$ pffft. no skin off my back.

my b-day is next thrus. the same day as SURVIVOR:THAILAND mah. i have no life.

i tried to call mike (the only friend left in this horrid town) but no answer.

prolly on another "binge run" |shakes fist|

anyways. i am off to lay in bed all day.

i am lookin for pink kitchen appliances. all i found is blue and yellow....not even a nice blu or yellow.

blah. pit of death here i come.

2002-09-08 10:14:48 ET

blah have any of you ever experienced whut it feels to slowing decay fromt he inside out?

i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. even tho i don't have any enemys.

i will just take some calcium and vit c and it shall give me temparary relief.

2002-09-07 11:52:16 ET

bwahaha. ____

2002-09-06 19:59:00 ET

why is it when a person is lonely and depressed they choose to do things that make then even further lonely and depressed.

*big uppies* to dwelling and crying n listenin to emo.

|tear| +'(

i wonder if anyone else has the gene that repels the opposite sex.

i mean i have all guy friends and always have.

just no companion or romantic ones.

i am destined to be alone forever.

blah blah blah. ok no more pouching.

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