2002-09-06 11:38:42 ET

off to the doctors.

my fekkin industrial piercing has taken on a whole other form and now has to be taken out and i have to go and get reconstructive surgery becuz it has destroyed my cartilage to the point of its death. it was not visible cuz it was doing all the harmful work inside my ear so therefore i could not see any effects.

i did not notice how big my ear was or the bruising behind it.

well its also the piercers fault for giving me a scrathed barbell!

*shakes fist*

fukk man. if i knew this was A threat i would never have gotton it.

*sobs* my poor decaying ear.


2002-09-04 08:46:01 ET


i think i willl change my layout again today.

it looks a bit too hardcore for the moment.

uggg im hatre waking up in cold sweats in hot stuffy rooms.

|gasps for air|

2002-09-03 23:54:32 ET

how totally crazy is this.


then if you click on some of the names you get these interesting clips to click other stuff.

and so on and so forth.

oh the creative things ppl come up with. |sighs|

2002-09-03 22:02:53 ET

b00 to tha m^@ha phuckin urnz.


2002-09-03 19:57:02 ET

name: anarie
loc: yukon
sex: female
dob: 09/19/80
eyes: brown
hair: blu black/hot pink right now

[ sex stuff ]
are you a virgin: no / not as innocent as i wish to be.
has anyone ever been down your pants: yes / but not for some time now.
how many times have you had sex: oh gosh you expect me to count.

[ love ]
are you in love: no / i am not meant to love.
do you have a bf/gf: no / i on't believe in them.
when did you start going out: n\a

[ friendships ]
best friends: mike, justin, star, robbie, galen.
good friends: karen, jordie, drew, amber,aram.

[ have you ever ]
drank: pffft. uhhh yeh.
smoked: since grade 3 ! *gasp*
kissed the same sex: of course.
kissed the opposite: mos def.
skinnydipped: never.
broke a bone: never.
failed a class: oh yes.
thought you were gonna die: everyday.
killed someone: uhhhh.....*shifty eyes*. hah no!
cried over a boy/girl: unfortunately yes.
had a death in the family: yes. no one close tho.
ran around nude: never
talked on the phone for more then 5 hours: yes, to best friends.

[ status ; right now ]
wearing: rainb0h halter, glitter jammie shorts, leopard fuzzy slippers.
eating: delissio pizza slice.
talking to: no one. :(
phone with: no one :(
time: 9:36pm
drinking: vanilla coke.
listening to: goodfellas / on the tv.

[ when was the last time you... ]
smiled?: hah. reading this question.
laughed?: a min ago at the tv.
cried?: about 2-3 hrs ago / probably will again in awhile.
bought something?: 5 pack bic lighters 3 days ago/ for my puddle jumping habit.
danced?: 3 sat nites ago. / lowells last night at the cap.
were sarcastic?: who knows.
kissed someone?: too long ago to even contemplate. / i rilly need to get out.
watched your favorite movie?: well i am watching one right now.
had a nightmare?: i will tonite from to vile attack from the ONE.
last book you read: wasted / autobio about an anoretic/ bulima girl.
last movie you saw: siGns. *whimpers* i will not see it again.
last song you heard: van mcoy ~the hustle
last thing you had to drink: vanilla coke
last time you showered: yesterday morning.
last thing you ate: slice of pizza

smoke?: about a week ago.
have sex?: PLEASE GIMME :)
live in the moment?: __
play an instrument?: uhhh.....my tables.
read the newspaper?: on occasion
have any gay or lesbian friends?: pffft....lameo question. yes i do.
believe in miracles?: no.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: no.
consider yourself tolerant of others?: absolutely not.
like the taste of alcohol?: yes. not to fond of the hard stuff.
have a favorite candy?: heart shaped lollipops.
believe in love?: believe in it yes. / will never have the pleasure of it.
pray?: no
go to church?: no
have any secrets?: another lame question. of course everyone does. / and the people who say they don't have more than others.
have any pets?: blue and lady. / both dogs.
do well in school?: never ever have. / undiagnosed ADHD didn't sit with me well.
go to or plan to go to college?: *giggle* actually today was suppose to be myu first day / guess i will have to sign up for winter term.
have a major?: umm... /went to hair school.
talk to strangers who instant message you?: not usually. / they are mostly strange men from pakistan or china at 4 am in the morn.
wear hats?: of course.
have any piercings?: both lobes. and vertical industrial, labret, septum, double tounge.
have any tattoos?: barcode on back of neck and more to come.
have an obsession?: boiz, pharms, animal prints, rainbow anything, retro fabrics, e.t.c. much too much to list.
collect anything?: much too much to explain.
wish on stars?: yes.
like your handwriting?: no. it's gotten terrible.
have any bad habits?: bein too self centered.uncontiously taking things for granted.
care about looks?: no comment.

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