2002-07-12 18:36:46 ET

Sometimes I see stars
Thrashing to such majesty
Sleater-Kinney rules!

2002-07-12 10:24:35 ET

so here i am thinking i have the flu.

i dunno i feel hot n sickies.

but i am getting myself prepared for yet another drug binge filled weekend.

the units are away at the cabin.

so i shall sit here and invite some ppl over perhaps.

yummmy. i missed my "ice" cubes.

i also am waiting to fix my comp so i cvan get a new acc.

thats all for now.

gawd i am boring.

2002-07-11 18:35:51 ET

big brother III is on.

how funny.

whut a shite pms ,earache, day.

i wanna vomit.


2002-07-10 21:40:01 ET

i shall attempt to sleep.

oh how i need some g to neutralize the fogginess lurking in my blood.

my mind is mush.

whut goes up must CRASH DOWN.

bleh. +p

2002-07-10 18:13:37 ET

sketchy haiku time.

i'm doing this because,
now its everywhere, when i,
see a window there,

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