2002-07-15 18:02:23 ET

it absolutly amazes me how mindless and uneducated some people in this world can be.

i only hope that after watching themselves they can see that they don't really make sense.

however this is just my opinion and i shall remain from discussing it anymore.


2002-07-15 17:21:21 ET

to anybody in canada i highly recommend turning to the cbc newsworld channel right now.

excellent documentry on white supremist and skinhead and kkk clans, and the anti racist groups that fight against them.

if anyone is intersted they showed Invisible Revolution

here is the link:



2002-07-15 10:01:50 ET


i just saw a show on the micro chip implants people are already getting put into the back of their hands.

i was watching it with my mom, and she couldn't believe it. at one point it demonstarted how it could locate of the people who was wearing one.

it just goes to show, that alot i have been talking to her about is finally surfacing in the public, think about it, how many of us could possibly already have these chips in us and not even realize. how many of us are actually real.

blah anyways its too early for this kinda chattah.


2002-07-15 01:18:08 ET

why, why i always
need to shoot it through, windows
kill, me, make it stop

2002-07-15 00:44:11 ET

so galens calls me today and asks if i want to go and smoke pot with him and aram.

is he so unaware of my sunday ritual. that i have well praticed since i was a lil tot.

i just sit in my jammies all day and watch tv. not leaving my house.

whut a silly oblivous lil bouy. but i kno he is concerned about me, its always like that with him. he only calls me when i stop calling him. one gets soo tired of always putting in the effort and never getting it back. but it no longer bothers me. this is why i choose to avoid my "friends" and have ever since my return and was automatically deemed the "chemical queen" i suppose i got such a harsh reaction because it was not expected of me.

blah whutever. i kno this entry makes no sense at the moment.

i lack the energy or the mindframe to continue.

i need sleep. the shadow ppl are harassing me.

try and figure that one out.

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