2002-07-18 17:07:19 ET

imma go rent some movies.

i need some suggestions. so far i will be renting.

SLC punk
sid n nancy

and cleopatra jones if they have it.

but i need more to quilfy for the wekk long rental package.

2002-07-18 16:27:59 ET

so now NO ONE is going to the music festival.

my mom went out on her a$$ trying to get me and my oh so spoiled bro tickets.

and now i have decided at the last minute to not go.

none of my friends or aquiantences. are going, they have totally ruined the fest buy their non pleasing new rules and riduclous regulations.

http://www.dcmf.com THE WEAKERTHANS were going to be there for christ sake.

*pouts* ah well....we are going to throw a huge a$$ed bush party to anti-fest. already we are exspecting 500+ in attendance...if we get more than i thik we will get a generater and have some bands play.

blah. bored tired n sad.

2002-07-17 21:56:08 ET

so everyone needs to erase their images becuz of copyright .

so i guess most of us are fukked.

i really find it hard to not have images on my page.

i wonder how many accounts will get erased.

2002-07-16 20:06:51 ET

tinseltown is on again.

i am really enjoying this mini series from glasglow.

i absolutey cannot wait until i move into that part of the world.

i rilly cannot understand this town no matter how long i have been here.

2002-07-16 13:15:55 ET


i just swallowed 2 of those hostess cupcake things.

ohhh the gluttony of it all.

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