2002-07-09 23:16:55 ET

well i'm in for the long haul now.

i just hope i don't look too pale in the morning.

it's been awhile...i need to occupy my time.

whut can i do?

2002-07-09 20:20:06 ET

haiku time.

Fat Albert life wack
his mama strung out on crack
he stressed so he snack

2002-07-09 18:24:33 ET

*jibtek warrior*

in full effect.

cleanin mah bathroom. i went to the library today and sighned out an old fav book of mine. "go ask alice" i am quite sure many of us are aware of this excellent book.

as i read the first couplw of pages tho.

i was suddenly remined very much so of sk.


blah blah blah.


2002-07-09 06:10:46 ET


mah ear started bleeding this morn.

it hasn't bled since it was pierced.

anyways imma off to the doc anyways.

buh bye.


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2002-07-08 23:08:51 ET

What's Your Inner Demon?

this quiz was made by Melissa

haven't done one of these in awhile.

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