oh noooo2004-06-15 13:34:11 ET

ok so wtf i can't add anyone to my msn now, unless i delete pppl, or so it says.

has anyone else encountered this prolem???

i miss the spice girls.


some people are funny.2004-06-13 18:51:18 ET

then other people are hilarious.

some people are lame, and then some people are pathetic.

dont search for something so hard that you become desperate, and then be afraid of the real thing.

sometimes i think that people are so scared of the real thing that they search out for make belive answers instead.

or create their own illsions.

what is there to be scared of anyways?

too all of my friends that read this, dont read into this, as i have stated before my entrys HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!

ok thanx thats all bye bye.
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hrmmmm........ saaaaaaay whaat.2004-06-13 13:22:19 ET

ok so yes i have my space and live journal also.

but thats not the reasonw hy i haven't een on sk.

what is the reason?

mwaha2004-06-10 13:21:42 ET

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new music2004-06-08 13:32:05 ET

so i have a bunch of new bands that i RE- discovered, and forgot about.

the epoxies
the rondelles
nerdy girl
the yeah yeah yeahs
stereo total
operation makeout
le tigre

yeh and i got live journal and i really really think i am goin to take a html crash course, cuz this is ridculous.

have to go to work, i think i might pick up the dvd box set of survivor borneo season 1.

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