SUMMER SOLSTICE2004-06-21 14:20:00 ET

ok every summer solstice there is a huge ass party.

but i dont think there is today for some reason.

i am just goin to pick up a bottle of fireball and a 15nr of chilkoot and walk around until i find something i guess.

even tho i dont need it2004-06-20 14:18:09 ET

even tho i dont need it i have been trying to get the effin 4 for all thing from pizza hut for like 2 weeks.

hahah we just wanna try it.

so its fathers day and i didnt even kno it.

i found this out after the fact that me and my dad got in a big fight, i told him to fuck off, and he just left.

who cares i dont my friend (well ex now) crashed my fucking car all becuz of her stupidity.

here goes: she was suppose tobe my "sober" driver, that in which she was sober, and i got hammered we went to a house party all was fine then we go to leave and wtf does she do, she puts it in reverse and fucking crashed into the ford truck behind me, then she continues to do so, and gets mad and is like wtf is wrong, i say uhhhh there is a truck behind us you fucking moron, then she gets mad and puts the car in drive and tries to start it ( the crash made the car stop) , and i put it in park and tell her to start it, she puts it in dirve and tries to start it, i put it in park, then she gets mad and tells me that it has to be in park to start, i was like wtf woman you are definaly a fucking retard.

so she starts to get mad ans says shit like oh your car is fucked up you kno, i was so fucking mad i was so ready to fucking punch her. i tried to kkeep cool, some guy offered me some rail.

then i went out and tried to start my car and it wouldnt start!!! they said it may have been flooded from her idiotic way of trying to start it and pumping the gas while it was in drive.

so we waited and it still didnt start. the party ended and i decided to take a hike to the campground thats near town, cuz my best friend was staying there i dragged along my friend mike, while the girl who crashed my car followed. and i drank all my fucking beer in order to relieve the anger and stress ( i kno not the perfect way to deal, but wtf r u gointo do) got trashed past out in his tent, then woke up went to the car it still didnt start at this point i am noe blaming her for everythign and cant even look at her, she is still being a retard, and then i make her call her aunt get money for a cab.

i get home to tell my dad that someone ran into the back of my car and its stuck downtown, he says to call the cops, i tell him that no one saw anything they just heard it and that i was at a friends house.

so now my car (that i have had since i was 16) is stuck downtown in the ghetto area, actually its probably not even there anymore right. and i have no way of getting around my dad says i cant use my moms car cuz his is broken, yeh fucking right he says that every single time he is out of town, just so he can drive it and go fuck random women and not be recognized.

i can't afford to get it towed, its like + 40*C here, i have no beer no food no money nothing, i dont even kno how i am goin to get to work.

butr my friend nathan said he whud come with me to go look at it tomorrow and meybee he can firgure out whats wrong with it.

i am so angry right now and my dad is gone (in my moms car) and my mom is gone until wed. bah!

goin to the hip hop show2004-06-19 13:39:05 ET

holy shit is it every fucking godamm hot out.

its like +39* C here right now, and thats in teh shade.

josh martinez is in town again, buck 65 was suppose to come here too, but it didn't work out.

the guy putting it on wanted me and my best friend (hes a boi) to do a whole girl vs boy freestyle battle show down for thr opening performance, but i chickened out and said no, its one thing to do it in front of my friends but a whole crowd. i mean i whud kno everyone there, but still its too scary.

so the boi decided to do it with his friends instead.

that whud have been wikked if buck came, he's cool shit and soooo damm hot, but josh is pritty chill. i am goin to go down to the park in the shade and drink some beer pritty soon here. i think my best might sober drive for me tonight, i relaized that the main reason for my weight gain is beer. i was informed that a can of beer is something like 900 calories, and if i drink like 10 cans a night that an insane amount of empty calories, that are not getting worked off. and my metabolism is sooo friggin slow.

i am goin to get into some kind of sport i think. not sure what tho.

but anyways i am goin to have a cold shower then header out.

lame2004-06-17 03:24:53 ET

everyone is sayinf\ i broke up with dj cuz of elijah.



depression2004-06-16 01:02:02 ET

u can always tell when its here,

cuz then i even avoid the internet.

its been awhile. does anyone still see this?

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