i misss my ro ray!2004-07-02 17:37:10 ET

got a email form him today he didnt even say bu bye to me.

he is gone for a month. and i misss him already.

got sooooooooooooo fucking hammered last night, and woke up with the worst hangover i have had in a long time.


ummmm went to the bank, got 400$$ called into work sick again.

i was looking for a ride to dawson all day so that i could attend my aunts funeral, sadly it was not accomplished.

ummm what else, i am goin out tonight i think even tho i am still battling the colf/flu and can barely breathe.

and no its not werse than a tanning booth SAM!!!!!!!!

sam o sam, how i wish we could actually go hang out and do dtuff together, you kno i love you dealr, oh and did u kno that our little robin is turning into a lil preepy one, is she goin out with some preppy boy or something???

that is all. Xx ann.

HAPPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!2004-07-01 08:24:51 ET

there was a wikked thunder and lightning storm here last night.

didnt last too on tho.

but yeh before it started my mom was telling me that there were 150 fires in the yukon!!!!

which means there will be more after last nights debacle.

eeeeek. fuck man there are fires all around, if they get out of hand we will have no where to go.


i will be at work really sick again today, but a 8 hr shift mind you and time and a hlaf at that!

he still loves me.2004-06-30 13:44:15 ET

the "boi' is out of town again, but i guess he was here for the weekend, searching me out, figures its the one weekend i decide to stay in.

oh i misss him, i never even thought about him, until i find all this out.

i guess the whole thing is working, i knew that we needed time apart to figure out our true feelings and what not, time away from eachother whud give us time to firgure it out.

anyways, i will see him when its time. then i can tell if he has gone back to his sweet self, and not covering up feelings by being a complete asshole.

on another note i got sent home from work. i almost fainted, i dont care how sick i am tomorrow i am goin in for a 8 hr shift. for time and a half!!!!

i really misss tara!!, she calls me like everyday!.

k peas.

Xx ann.marie <2

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mmmmmm sid!2004-06-29 21:50:43 ET

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final destination2004-06-29 15:40:20 ET

i swear there is some bad energy going around or something.

its so bad that i dont even wanna leave my house, there is so much death around me.

there has been 2 murders here in one week, my friend drowned, there have been 6 drowing rescues.

my aunt died in the hospital today, a friends grandpa died in the hospital.

some kidd got in a 4 wheeler accident.

someone else alost died in a fire.

oh my. what is goin on this past week??

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