gah. boo hooooo2004-07-13 13:42:41 ET

so here i am sitting at my computer when i am totally suppose to be in vancouver for the fucking warper tour for fuck sakes.

i am sooomad. my best friend who lives there just called me and met up with all of our friends from here. this sucks.


i wilkl not get screwed over this time!

2004-07-11 21:25:43 ET

oh my how could i have forgotten i bought this.

well i was a bit intoxcicated when i did, but i was looking for things to wash. and it fell out of a wal mart bag, how exciting.

bo rad2004-07-11 13:35:12 ET

so yeh i was suppose to go to farenheight 9/11 cuz onight is the last night i can see it since i work all week.

but i feel asoo lazy i havent even left my house since yesterday morning.

ummm did some rails this weekend, its been awhile. what else.

umm played tetris and mario 3 all day yesterday, and today i am goint o finish my dawson's creek maratrhon. and order pizza.

oh and my room cleaning is stalled once again.

its starting to smell in here.

snuff.2004-07-06 22:47:07 ET

has anyone ever heard the track by supermachiner.

its called bitter cold. and the start is like this girl being toutured and screaming for her life. and the guy is like whoa takeit easy, calm down, theres no way out.

and she is like fuck pls dont hurt me, let me go.

its the most horrific thing i have ever heard in my life.

le tear2004-07-04 21:23:57 ET

my absolute favorite manager at work left today ithink, and apparently a bunch of the girls from work took himout last night and got him hammered.

and they promised me they whud fucking call me if they got him to go out.

he is the kewlest fucking shit ever. and i whud have loved to go out with him. but then i heard about some losers that went out too, and i decided that i probably whud have just bought him a drink gave him a hug, and left with my cool upper class friends. <---bwhahahaha oh my.<BR>

no but i heard of some of the other ppl that were out and meybee its good i didnt go, i kno i whud have said mean things, and done crazeee shit, and probabaly whud have scared everyone, and started moshing or some shit.

i kno that i whud mos def have been too much for them now that ithink about it, but still i really wanted to see him. too bad.

i have a headache, my brother went on a road trip across canada for 2 months, so he left me all 500 of the pirtate movies!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaarg.

i think i even have kill bill 2 n spidy man 2. w000t. oh schnappy mC schm00t.

anyways i'm out. Xx ann.marie <2

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