yayfornewlayoutsandcoldbeer.2004-07-27 18:37:01 ET

new layout. cold beer.
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R.I.P chris2004-07-27 14:06:31 ET

its amazing how fast things happen.

there has been way too many fucking deaths in this town and 2 more ppl are dying as we speak and another one of my dear friends died on sunday.

i am told its drug related. i guess he got hit in the head with a lead pipe and i guess it cracked his skull and his brain hemmoraged.

this town and the drugs are getting absolutely ridiculous. and i am sick of all my friends getting stabbed, mugged, jumped, beat up, and killed.

i think the cops seriosuly need to take a closer look and find the retards who are doing this, or get a better hold on the drug circulation.

i need to get the fuck out of here. and people wonder why i never go out anymore.

i want to kno who the fuck did this act. |le tear|

oh yeh and i call into work and let them kno i wont be coming in becuz of what happened, and they are mad, and say , you kno this really isn't a good night to be doing this. as if i had a choice in my friends murder. so i say , yeh well sorry it can't be helped, then she's like yeh well i am just letting you know. wtf.

ithrowupwhenieattoomuch.2004-07-27 12:40:49 ET

i kno i have asked this before.

but i think i DO have bulimia. but i only throw up somtimes.

and thats after i eat too much.

alot of the time my eyes are bigger than my stomach and i chow down major.

then i dont make myself vomit but it just comes.


i joined another gym today!

whateverhappenedtopaulyshore?2004-07-22 00:27:12 ET


i can never sleep until like 5 am i hate it.

i have been crying for a week, over nothings!

i really wish that i could just be happy i have been slipping in and out of depression since i was a early teen. and i cant afford therapy and dont want meds to rule my life. they already want me to take ritalin.

i dont kno, i need money i have never had over 500$$ this past year.

i have gained alot of weight.

i have no love life.

i constanly feel sorry for myself.

blah blah blah.


riddlemethis.answermethat2004-07-21 13:58:52 ET

why is it you can get any tee shirt in any size.

yet every single time i try to get a iron maiden shirt you can only fucking get it in l-xl-xxl?

i am so frusterated.

i will pay good money to anyone who can find me a size small maiden tee.

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