iwonawresltingticket.2004-07-31 16:14:15 ET

i got a free ticket for the wrestling thing toniught.

but now i dont even feel like goin.

just ordered chinese food watching big brother 5 and thinking its funny that in like 30 mins i will want more food.

damm that msg!

iamsoimpaitient.2004-07-29 21:10:10 ET

i hate waiting for beer drinking rides.

when they are late like this it usually means i got ditched.

double u tee eff.

thats whats comes with ansy ppl wanting to drink when i work so effin late. dayum!

ihaveascuzzymetalheadboifriend2004-07-28 23:59:11 ET

i forgot how much i love cannibal corpse!

machomanrandysavage2004-07-28 22:11:12 ET

hahaha there is a wresting match here this weekend.

like ex wwf wrestlers. icant remeber their names.

and midgets and mud wrestling women.

and there is a beer gardens, so that means i am so there!

hahaha. i just need to find a bunch of ppl to go with now.

i'mnotracist2004-07-28 12:50:39 ET

i am so the last person to be racist , but i wish there was a way for me to say something or express my thoughts without being judged by it.

i mean when ppl say shit about my race i dont care or say anything.

but the second i say anything about another race, i am looked at.


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