remember this shit?2004-05-14 01:23:00 ET

in debt again2004-05-14 00:41:01 ET

cravings are lame.

it doesnt even do anything anymore, this always happens.


brutal2004-05-13 13:13:46 ET

this is sooo bad, but funny as hell. also invisible, but just scroll your mouse and you will find the link.

2004-05-12 20:40:26 ET

last cigarette: last weekend, at the high school party, haha
last kiss: kiss on the hand 2 nights ago.
last good cry: yesterday
last library book checked out: go ask alice
last movie seen: PETER PAN
last book read: uppers downers and all arounders
last cuss word uttered: fuck whatever.
last beverage drank:ice tea
last food consumed: calamari rings w ranch
last phone call: Sandra
last tv show watched: that 70's show bloopers
last cd played: Buck 65 - Honky Talkin Blues
last item bought: tim hortons ham and swiss on brown
last downloaded: Chicago sndtrk, for my mom
last annoyance: Mean Girls the movie
last disappointment: Myself for the past 2 days, (i only have 2 days left to tell him)
last soda drank: Homer simpson Cola
last thing handwritten: My shopping list about 5 mins ago
last word spoken: i dunno, see yah later dood.
last sleep: This afternoon
last IM: Kimmy from duncan.
last weird encounter: That little black kidd, who i battles, he groped me.
last ice cream eaten: ohgawd. i have no clue well over 3 months ago
last amused: when the black kiddle groped me.
last time in love: now
last time hugged: on the weekend, by the little black kiddle who groped me.
last time scolded: My tony soprano like father, telling me mymom was "our slave" fukking loser.
last chair sat in: this one
last lipstick used: pink glittery stuff
last shirt worn: red spongebob squarepants one
last time dancing: on the weekend at the party.
last poster looked at: my vintage bad religion one.
last show attended: oh gawd, ummmmno clue. i live too far north.
last webpage visited: xvi
1 HOUR AGO: watching tv
1 DAY AGO: went to the movies with anne marie
1 WEEK AGO: drinking 10$ pitchers
1 YEAR AGO: just got back from bc, and drinking 10$ pitchers

current clothes: spongebob pj's , leopard print slippers.
current mood: cold and grumpy
current music: live freestyle battles
current taste: salty
current hair: Pulled up and flipped
current annoyance: lack of food
current smell: nothing
current thing I should be doing: telling him how i feel, and that i will miss him. (2 DAYS LEFT)
current desktop picture: kill bill vol 2
current refreshment: kokanee beer.
current worry: not having the guts to tell him how i feel, before he leaves.
1. What do you most like about your body? big boobs.
2. And least? My beer gut
3. How many fillings do you have?: hrmm...3?
4. Do you think you're good looking?: Sometimes , depends
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? most everyday, but i dont see it.

nip/tuck2004-05-12 19:22:42 ET

wow my all time fav show nip / tuck.

is now on the womens network.


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