instant messengers2004-05-24 16:57:45 ET

ok so i can't get into my icq account to work.

i got a new aim its eSkimoL0veSkuLL.

so add me, but remeber that l0ve is with a zero.

i need more ppl on my list so that i can use it more often.

no sleepo,food,nmake ann-marie crazee.2004-05-24 13:16:31 ET

no sleep, food, since threudssy.

i am goin nuts.

wehoioooooooooooooooooooooo. what an amazing 2-4. it hink i drank a total of 4 2-4's and fireball. and too much smoke.

no drugs thanbk gawd. i cant walk.

am i not just the coolest?2004-05-19 00:16:36 ET

i didnt the smartest thing.

to deal with my lost love. i fukken drank a six pack, and now i am fukking sitting here listening to emo and crying.

i didnt think i would take his absence this hard. but i shud have known better than to get drunk in the mindframe of saddness.

now i feel self destructive and angry and sad. and lonely.

listen to this sob story, by no means am i being sob sob, for attention.

but seriously.

have any of you ever hated yourself soo much that u wish u had the guts to do something about it.

but then you think about your parents and all that they have tried to do to save you, and the love they feel for you. that stopped you.

is there some small form of hope for me yet?

who thinks i have a problem?

dun dun DUN.2004-05-18 13:02:35 ET

its all my boi's fault.

and now he's gone. but he has hit me with the rap stick. not hip hop, cu zi have always been about the hip hop. but R A P.

i haven't been into rap since my younger teenage years. now i find myself listening to the rap station and downloading shizz like. 50 cent, jay z, ludscris.

oh my goodness!

and i can slowly see myself bouncing up and down and waving my arms, getting facial grimaces.

its hilarious, cuz when i was younger i whud wear bandanas. and walk around with a boombox and i had braids in my hair. and i whud breakdance at the skatepark, and blast gansta rap, wu-tang, snoop dogg, biggie smalls, etc.

how can you tell your emotional.2004-05-17 10:43:56 ET

when commercials make you cry.

so tru right?

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