whats the fucking point.2004-05-30 18:14:18 ET

seriously why fucking tell someone that you are going to do something.

then not do it, no phone call nothing.

now i am sitting at home drunk i cant drive and the person who was suppose to give me money she owed me is not home either.

why the fuck. whats the point, all you had to say is no in the first place, rather than me wasting my time and energy getting ready for NOTHING.

i am soo dissapointed now.

the day after tomorrow2004-05-30 13:29:07 ET

so i call / im'd a bunch of my friends to see if they wanna go see a movie, "the day after tomorrow"

and they all thought i meant lets go see a movie on tuesday.

so now a bunch of them left and i cant get ahold of them.

oh my.

2004-05-29 19:53:06 ET

sooo hungover, damm straight.

oh and i cried last night, tooo drunk and thinkign about boys.


oh and my friend tols me i needed a big fat cock.


i am slowly going crazeee, crazzeee going slowly am i2004-05-28 12:25:01 ET

ok so heres the deal, i need to get the fukk out of here, i am goin crazeee, and mad depressed again.

and i cant deal with it, i have not been in this town this long before, without doing drugs.

and i have been taking to all my friends back in victoria alot lately and they are al missing me. and so much shit is going on that i am missing, by me sitting in my room and drinking beer and eating and getting fat ass. and i guess no one is doing meth anymore (just like me) and they are all having clean good fun.

i just need to bo able to go to a show, or a club night, parties, thrift stores, sushi shops, valu village, and just walks that go forever and ever,etc.

like i mean i am a city person, and i have been in this shit ass town far too long, and not like anywhere else in the world, wher i can drive for 30-60 mins and hit up a city centre. i have to drive for 2 days, and thats alot of money, and i miss all the scenes. and all my friends, and being oh so super styling. like i miss getting my hair did once a week or so, wearing all my wikked ass clothes, going people watching, just meeting like 50 new ppl a day.

everything. here is retarded. i mean i like it and all, but not to live. i need to get back to my roots, or quite the opposite. and i miss all the sexi ass bois, and my booty call list. and i kno i wont get sucked back into the sketcher scene, cuz its been a long time, and thats just not for me anymore, at least this is what i am gathering.

especially if none of my close friends are in it anymore, i mean there will be temping situations to get me sucked backin, and the whole making money off them issue will come up again, but i kno that if i start selling again i will get right into it, cuz i mean u have to be up and sketching if you wanna make money off them right, if they cant reach you to get their shit then you make nothing.

but there was an ol skool underground party last weekend, that i missed, and i guess all the ol skoolers were there and i was the only one not. and it was at the old party spot, i sawe a bunch of pictures, and i cried, if i knew anytrhing of it i would have gone back to go to it.i have been sitting here thinking of all the good times i have had, and how much i miss even just the surroundings of victoria, and i miss laughing at all the little kids who are like searching for "satanists" like they are able to just go out and find them.

blah anyways enough of that for now, i dont even kno if i am making sense, i have tuckered myself out from all the excitment of memories today. ineed another job asap. to save money so i can pack and leave immmediatly.

goodnight all.

any takers?2004-05-25 01:35:21 ET

anyone open about their drug use? care to share experiences?

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