everything is fine....    2005-07-06 13:21:19 ET
i am happy. i have a wonderful girl-friend again. and i will be going to school in the fall. 11 credits. almost full time. i am really happy i am going to try to have a long-term relationship with natalie. i enjoy her company and her caring heart. i want to have a good life and she and i know that it will be hard at times, but worth it to try hard in this relationship. i want her to be a good citizen and a well-balanced girl. she needs the culture and life experence of school to help her grow and i am happy and pleased to hear she will take classes too. life in the Red Youth camp is slowly coming along. we have almost everything needed to make this new album. i think it will blow the minds of the listener's and our minds as well, for this album i want to make something fresh, brand new to our age of commercialism and pop cultured society. not main stream for us. i hope that we can put on a show by the end of this year for a December show. i want to get together soon and talk about it. i would like a small show with only 3 bands and a couple of films to show and have a good party for my birthday and the holiday season. hoprfully my friends from Krang will like to play a show with us. i want to have like a good go at this so we can be prepared for the years to come in the show department. and just have fun. take care.


 free man..    2005-06-25 18:05:30 ET
no longer a loving relationship, but only music and school and longevity for me. :)

 FLEETING?    2005-06-24 17:21:47 ET
short lived? is that love? tell me do you think love is fleeting? come kiss me by the river side? i said it once before but it's just repeating past lives and love lost. my friends are not pretentous. look up the word.

preĚtenĚtious :

-Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified.
-Making or marked by an extravagant outward show; ostentatious.

 OK!!!    2005-06-13 23:37:26 ET
i am still here and alive. i swear. even though i might not be near as you may like i am here living life like the rest of you meat sticks. just checking in for all of you. well i will go back to school crunching the brain in the vice again, hope not. anyways, i am still trying to find a band to play with and will record with Red Youth later to record a second album, full this time, hopefully. and tour / play shows soon... CHECK!!! OK!!!! well out here all.

_Lenny (+ w.r +)

/\ /\
| | | |
\ | | /
|o o|
\ |||/

 hahaha...    2005-06-02 00:48:54 ET

you are the cute but psycho happy bunny. You
adorable, but a little out there. It's alright,
you might not have it all, but there are worse

which happy bunny are you?
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