bass tracks...    2005-05-30 09:29:52 ET
thanks to Brian and Tyler for sitting around to help me do bass tracks on sat. i hope that they will be good in the mix for the ep. anyways, we should have another meeting soon. we need to talk about shows and what to do for the new album stuff. anyways, keep me posted.


 president    2005-05-27 10:40:06 ET
peaches for me. taste like death. welcome to the new world order. enjoy your demise. :)

 life...    2005-04-30 08:49:44 ET
everything in flux. i werk. i sleep. i see my girlfriend. i see friends. i play in a band. i try to make time for everything and everyone. but i can't always fit everything or everyone into it at once. life is well comparitively. i just need to be playing more bass and more alternative music than playing sythns. i want to start a band that is a mix of the pixies and joy division.

 full moon...    2005-03-25 17:27:27 ET
tonight is the night for change and i hope for the good. i have meet this new girl named natalie and we have been having lots of fun together. i think Red Youth is going to be done with the ep soon as this month or hopefully next week, so look out for us cuz we are gonna play some shows soon.


 full moon...    2005-03-25 17:24:56 ET

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