new look!!!    2005-01-29 19:37:08 ET
hope you all like it, yah. OH if you don't like reggae then poop on you.

 sick and tired and fuck i needed to go to com.    2005-01-26 13:39:26 ET
well i guess today i needed to goto COM, but slept in and have to go tomarrow. i am sick and i can stop coughing and spiting up flem.(nasty) anyway, i hope i can play music at some point cuz i want to play bass or whatever with a band!

 i want to be in a rock band...    2005-01-22 15:53:10 ET
i want to play with a rock band so we can have live acoustic drums and guitars and bass and stuff. i love Red Youth,but i need this to happen. i need to be in a jazz band like Herbie Hancock too. this will make me happy. :)

 organized scatter...    2005-01-19 12:21:10 ET
well last night all of my nine to ten friends that were at speakeasy's house were all BEEF-less. so when he said (well some called and told us) he was coming over. we all ( 9-10) of us all scattered and fucken bounced from the house in less the 5 minutes, so when he got there none of were there at all!!! that's what you get for being a dick to you FRIENDS. so the moral of the story is "DON"T BE A DICK TO YOUR FRIENDS,or an arragant-egotistical,asshole, AND PEOPLE WON'T FUCKEN UP AND LEAVE,or not talk to you.

 go to school...    2005-01-18 07:05:35 ET
must go to school. i am here in berk-land with tyler and dylan this morning and i am going to College of Marin today to sign up for classes. WORD!! thanks for the kick in the ass Tyler. don't worry Matia i'm on it. ;)

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