i hate feeling like this...    2005-01-16 22:53:27 ET
i feel like i am lower then scum. everyone i hang out with makes me feel like this (not you all but some). i feel like i am not good enough at anything. that i just exsist here for no reason, but another worthless human-being to laugh at and point and make fun at me for not being good or lame (for some reason). i feel i am not good at anything at all. i fail at everything i do and that i can not be better at anything. I JUST WANT TO THANK THOSE PEOPLE THAT MAKE ME FEEL LIKE THIS RIGHT NOW!!! FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!! from today i am hanging out with people that make me feel like i am a human and have worth to them.

(i will be a good bass player one day, you will see me on the cover of bass player mag. one day. i will mean something to all of you one day, and i won't be an arragant fuck about it ether. a respectable human being to look up to)

 wow what is up SK?    2005-01-11 15:03:47 ET
hi everyone. i hope that you didn't miss me too much. well i think that i should start doing this more often since i can.

 Agua_ruim    2004-12-30 16:59:55 ET
yeah me and tyler went to monterey to the aquaruim. word! i had a lot of fun in my old town i grew up in. i am happy i hung out with ty and jason and his girlfriend amanda. thx tyler. it was fun.

 oh god....    2004-12-29 18:31:15 ET

 BABYLAND!!!!?    2004-12-04 14:05:22 ET
If you are in the area go see babyland at the gilman tonight.

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