to new flame...    2005-03-23 23:49:06 ET
i have found the most wonderful girl on earth right now and i couldn't be any happier,maybe? i have been having a great week so far and i hope that this lasts a good while.

 nothing new...    2005-03-21 12:06:28 ET
i have a lot to say, but don't feel like saying much at all. unless you know me then your up too date with my life, but ya. anyways, my life is good. things are finally falling into place. i have a job and have been hanging out with old and new friends. i am as happy as ever and i hope that it can get ever more better. the band stuff i hope will be done with in a matter of months. i hope some of you will go to see us when we are playing a show at some point.

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 12:12 am    2005-02-15 14:00:04 ET
well last night around 12:00 am i went for a walk down to the albertsons and meet up with matia. i was happy to get out of my house on the day from hell. we sat and talked about synths and a ton of things, then the krispy kream truck pulled up and matia asked the guy if he had any defected ones and the guy gave us two boxes of donuts. cool stuff, so we sat and ate and smoked cigarettes till we parted and walked are ways home.

 i am the...    2005-02-05 01:23:03 ET
White Rabbit. if you think other wise then die...

well ok i had a good night out with the band. we moved all the stuff from the studio to are houses and will set shop at Matia's house to finish this shit finally. Me and Matia had a heart to heart and i finally came to the RIGHT conclusion. Thanks Matia. And i really enjoyed the wine. i was happy to see Arjon too, we need to get to playing music with that guy, well I feel i do at least. i talked to a friend in L.A. for like two hours today as well. It felt good to talk to him again and just talk. It was nice to talk him like old times again and i am happy to here that he is doing well and is in an enviroment which is good and easy going for him. He gets to play music and learn to play new instruments and have fun while he is down there and that makes me happy. well i haope to post more stuff as it unfold here in the house of W. Rabbit so i'll keep it simple and hope everyone will enjoy more good post like this to come....

 a horse, a dog, and a rooster.    2005-02-01 21:20:36 ET
one hella of a day. drea picked me up and i smoked so much indigo that now i am tired and back home , but we went to OAk Land and it was great. I had to many blunts and i cant even remember those cuts. well praise jah.

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