eh...    2005-12-22 04:05:44 ET
something new....

 show on the 3rd..    2005-08-17 21:10:28 ET
red youth has a show coming up on the 3rd of sept. i don't know where yet but details will come soon. it will be a different show then all the old ones we have done. it will only happen once in this lifetime, maybe? anyways look out for us. i am doing ok, i guess? i am going to school on the 22nd this month and am trying to live and not be a hermit. i want to just be happier and not so down on myself. just being here isn't good sometimes. i want to just go somewhere else where i can free my mind and be human again...


 love is dead, yet this is life...    2005-07-26 15:17:17 ET
alone and empty. forlorn and unloved. another day gone and i am just sitting here and trying to move on with life. i started painting today and i think that we will start to play music on thursday. i want the pain to stop. i want to be able to breathe and be able to have fun when i am having fun. i need to find a new girl. a girl who likes Fellini films. and likes long walks. a girl who loves music and/or plays music. a girl that likes to have nice dinners and likes to laugh. one who likes to cuddle and kiss. and hopefully be loved for.


 bored..    2005-07-09 23:17:37 ET
i want to be with someone, but they are at home and i am here alone. i wish the movie werked and we got more time to hang out. i need to find a band to play with, merh.


  dig?.....    2005-07-07 14:12:26 ET
check the new git-up.

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