I got through the trip    2006-08-14 06:39:50 ET
So here I am. in a small town about 30 minutes outside of nashville. There has been alot of change in my life over the last nine months. Usually I think i am pretty good with change. I think there has just been too much, or not enough. Or too much huge changes and not enough little ones. I don't know. I woke up early this morning to take my friend to the airport and then I cried myself back to sleep when I got home. I alternate between hoping for a good job and feeling so miserable I cannot breathe. Moving was the right decision but today I want to be anywhere else but sitting in a strange place knowing no one other than my husband's family. I seem to be always on the edge of tears. I want to be able to get over my self and be happy. maybe I am just too tired. The four day driving trip took alot out of me.

sleep is what I do when I am depressed though. Some people binge eat. I sleep. So where is the balance of resting up after an emotional change and tring to hide from a world you don't want to deal with?

I have wandered about in the past couple of days. most places I have gone I have been asked if I was part of a band. I suppose that is the only explination for my blue hair. There isn't one stupid nonstarbucks coffee shop. I hate starbucks and all I want is some place to drink coffee and read a book. All I want is friends out here I can distract myself with.

dave went disc golfing with his family and their friends out here.
I did some ballet today. That felt good.

Today's plan is to work on a resume. Is there anyone that is good at resumes that I can email mine to and get some feedback? I do production work so I am not sure how different it would be from any normal one.
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 good bye for now    2006-08-03 16:31:02 ET
The computer gets packed up tomarrow.

I spend all day saturday and Sunday cleaning. Monday we load up and Tuesday I go.

Five days is sooo close.

I have had many people tell me that they want to help me pack. well many sounds dicieving.. really only about five. but that is five more people than I expected. of thoes five people who have been promising to come since last week, one came today. Today I proclaim that I have one friend who will accually help me move. I gave her cheese cake in thanks.
so uh... anyone in the san Diego area want to help me clean my house?

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 packing    2006-08-01 11:03:26 ET
I hate packing. Turning my little home into a warehouse of boxed belongings does not improve what little space we had. oh well. moving will be over soon I suppose.

Over looking the route. our travel will take us three to four days, depending on the speed we can get out of the moving truck.

we leave a week from today.

Did I mention that I hate packing?

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