pagent the last    2006-07-03 11:35:41 ET
So I just attended the miss california pagent for this year that my sister was in. did not make it to the top ten. nothing. She has declared to be done. so well, it looks like it's all over and I don't have to sit through anymore pagents.

not that anyone cares: miss Santa Barbara won.

     2006-06-27 10:50:19 ET
Making cookies making cookies Lalala

 tired    2006-06-26 09:27:34 ET
Saturday I helped clean out my grandmother's house. I got to take home with me the suit she wore when she married my grandfather in 1947. My husband was not so happy to see the box of items I took from my grandmother's. We move soon and to him this is just more junk to haul.

Well this is my Family, my grandmother. If I want to keep the small tin she made her test cookies in it wasn't going to hurt him. He blinked and went back to his video editing.

I recieved an email from camp this morning. One of the girls who was just hired on to help in the kitchen this summer is one that I have had alot of contact with over the year. I was just informed that the talk I had with her about her eating disorder last summer made an impact. She's eating and very much agreeing that she had been way to skinny. The people in the administrative office wanted me to know how happy they are that I am coming back to camp this year.
I don't know if they know that my role in the whole thing has been diminished. I am now only running the technical aspect.

last year I was the girl's dean as well. Any issues beyond a councelor's job was brought to me. that's how I came in contact with the girl suffering with Anorexia.

This year the teen camp director felt that because I am recently married that I should be taking a backseat for a while... let my marriage be the most importiant thing. He pulled me out of a place I was doing some good in. It's only a week. My husband is going to be at camp as well with his own responcibilities. But somehow I need less responcibility in order to be a good wife.
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