*Whew*    2006-06-09 05:03:44 ET
I do not have a wedding dress in my living room. It went home last night. Everything came together and she is beautiful.

now to fix straps on a bridesmaid dress.


 name change    2006-06-08 05:46:40 ET
I never had a boyfriend in highschool. I was too well known as little christian Kelly who wouldn't put out and thus not worth the time. (this is not a pity me statement) So my first boyfriend was on my summer holiday after graduating from highschool. I spent the time in Hawaii. Met a very fun but egocentric boy and we had a fun month or so. I don't remember how long we were together. That was ten years ago.

Today I discovered that he found me on myspace.
A little unnerving.
I have changed my name in my bio to my married name. I should find no more unexpected hellos after today.

 stuck    2006-06-06 11:12:00 ET
So I have gotten to the point that I am almost done with the wedding dress. I am having a hard time finishing it because that means I can't fix it anymore. I know that sounds weird but I am so deep into my need for perfection at the moment that I cannot bear the thought of looking at this girl walk down the isle in a dress I made. I so sure everyone is going to look at it and judge me as a huge horrible seamstress. I am sure they are going to see each and every flaw I see. The bride loves the dress. I had a fitting yesterday, now all I have to do is put buttons on the back and hem it. She Loved it. she was relieved at how how comforable it was. had questions about things so easy to fix. I just can't bring myself to finish the the thing. I realize that this fear of failure is what is paralyzing me... I just can't seem to get over it.

oh and we are moving. moving day as of now is the 9th of august

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