six days later    2004-11-08 09:43:53 ET
I thought I was free. November 2nd happened. We all went to the polls. I did not see anyone above voting age that did not have at least one "I voted" sticker on their shirt. So why six days later am I still wandering around being assaulted by people, on both sides, about the election? Ok. So Half of the country is upset. Well half of the country would still be upset had Kerry won. This does not mean you get to call people who do not see things the way you do names. This does not mean you get to make assumptions about people's thought process just because they don't agree with you.
If you tell people to think and make a choice, what right do you have telling people they have made the wrong choice?

What this says to me is you don't care if people think about a situation, as long as they agree with you. As long as they answer they came up with is the same as yours.

Being a christian and a student puts me in a whole range of places. I heard many reasons from lots of people of why they voted the way they did. Both reasons were valid because it was things that were not spouted by the media or learned from the recorded telephone messages. People took this vote seriously.

This close of an outcome blurs the lines of right and wrong. It makes me wonder if there is alot more grey than people are willing to admit. You cannot tell me that half the country are idiots. You cannot tell me that half the country really sees what is going on.

Please don't assume that from reading this you know who I voted for. I'd probably surprise you.

I am not allowing any comments to this because I don't want to hear it anymore.

 Presidental list    2004-10-29 20:36:12 ET
So I don't want to vote anymore. Why? I'll tell you why. I hate the idea of either Bush or Kerry or office. I don't think it would help the situation to replace a misguided individual with one who doesn't seem to have much more of a platform than "Bush is wrong."
So I have looking to find out on this vast web of supposed knowledge who else is running under other parties. Apparently I am not good at finding lists. Does anyone know where I can find a list of people running for president who are not under the democratic or republican party? I would be very thankful.

 Scenic design    2004-10-27 21:48:23 ET
I wouldn't mind the scene design class if it wasn't for all the hundreds of hours I have to spend making models of sets I design for the random plays we are assigned to read. I hate making models.

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