It was 2 am two hours ago    2004-10-19 02:29:01 ET
He promised that bored notes would not go longer than two. We sat in that black box theatre till almost four fixing light cues and we didn't even get to act two. I have not worked less than 13 hours a day for the past four days on this musical. It opens Friday and I am free... almost. I got four more days of really long nights and no sleep. I can make it.

The only consolation is that it has been raining for the past two days. I Love The Rain!

 where's my passport?    2004-10-15 09:47:50 ET
I am tired of politics. Everyone I talk to has only that on their mind. I am tired of discussing what is right and what is wrong. I have a sinking feeling that no matter who ends up elected as our next president, things are only going to get worse. I want to leave the country. Not that I think anyother country is going to be perfect. I am just tired of how this country is running itself into the ground.

So if anyone has something else they want to talk about, I'd be happy to listen. Just don't asking me who I am going to vote for!

 datada!    2004-10-12 06:10:24 ET
my internet connection was not feeling very good. It's better now.

I am in the midst of sewing costumes for Halloween. Dave and I are going to be Jack and Sally. So what is everyone else going to be?

I am glad that I am not doing any other design this semester. I am feeling a little burnt after my full weekend of hanging and focusing the lights for Brownstone. Most of the students that came to help us were contracted by compulsory hours needed to pass a class. most did not ever look at a lightng instument before they scuttled up a ladder to put it on a pipe or adjust it's aim. This fact did not make the event go as smoothly as it could have and by the end Tuesday (that is not her real name but it is the only name she'll answer to) and I made them move ladders while the two of us focused.

Well today is going to be another fun filled day of school. and I still haven't read the plays I was suppose to.

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