a short moment in my life.    2004-07-03 21:37:21 ET
This morning I was woken by my boyfriend reminding me I had an interview. I squirmed under the blankets further to retreat from the harsh light and the prospect of moving from my warm and comfortable bed.
“Ten seconds.” He warns me “And I start biting.”
“I bite back.” I replied from my hiding spot.
“…” He counted down as he wrestled the blanket from my hands. The next few seconds erupted in a veritable explosion of blankets and laughter. He actually bit me! I bit him back and he threw me off the bed. He is proud of the fact that he is more effective than my alarm clock at getting me out of bed.

In other news: Last night’s trip to Riverside was an enjoyable one. I happily met Rivet Angel, KageKun, Analog Sky and Autumn Solstice and the six of us (I brought along the Biting alarm clock) talked and laughed until almost two in the morning. I thought I would be nervous the whole time like I usually am in places where I don’t know the people, but I wasn’t at all. We shared stories and art and they pretended to like my banana bread. It was as I said, enjoyable. I look forward to other moments of gathering.

 good news in the early morning.    2004-06-30 05:26:01 ET
The State is giving me money to go to school. This makes me happy!

And I don't have to buy a silly CD for a sound design I am working on because I found out that my Dad had the CD I am looking for. He's sending me a copy.

 on this saturday morning.    2004-06-26 09:28:37 ET
I still have two months until my sister's wedding and the blonde hair is starting to be painful. I want to dye it bright orange red. But alas, I love my sister so I am letting the purple fade away into the color God gave me so I look like every other pink clad bridesmaid. Everywhere I go people comment on the fact that I look good as a blonde. I bite back the sarcastic responces that trip over themselves to be spoken. I was accually told by someone I work with "If you changed all your hair back to blonde and tanned a little you would be really pretty." Please tell me how one is suppose to respond to that. I fought the urge of beating him senceless.
I am currently looking for a part time job. Some extra work while I am not in school to help me get on top of bills for a while. And I have two months until my lease is up. So I am also keeping an eye out for another place to live. I would love a studio apartment where I could live by myself. I could live with roomates, Just not the one I currently have. Fret not, the feeling is mutual. She hates sharing a house. That is our problem. So if the world goes according to what I'd like, I will have a better paying job, a new place to live, And reddish/Orangish hair by the end of August.

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