2004-06-22 19:31:24 ET
work is definantly an exercise in futility. Thoes who run the place that pays me to toil for eight hours a day are short sighted morons.. Enough about them.

I give my turtles away tomarrow. {insert sad music here} I need a new place to live. one that is not so expensive and will let me have a pet.

 Hello    2004-06-21 15:54:40 ET
So I am still alive if anyone was wondering. I got really busy and then left town. I home, suprise guests have left and now I am attempting to put my life back in order. I have decided to start with cleaning my room.

 few hours to spare    2004-06-01 13:16:39 ET
You know that you are really busy when, by divine intervention, you have a few hours spare and you get excited about the prospect of doing laundry.
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