Make it stop!    2004-05-18 14:46:09 ET
What really sucks about calling in sick to work is that you are really sick and you can't enjoy the time off because you just want to die.

 ...    2004-05-12 23:04:22 ET
I asked her to be the bigger person. Yeah it sucks that her mother is manipulative and hurtful. I understand how her responce of anger is only justified. I told her to stay indoors. To ignore her mom and keep to herself for the night. Not possible apparently. I have had a few phone calls. All want to know where she's gone. I don't know. I can't answer. She promised she'd call me if anything happened, I haven't heard from her. I have sat at home and prayed. Played my guitar and prayed some more.
Our phone conversation earlier in the day was difficult. I apologized to her for the words her mother said. I assured her that she was not the slutty bitch her mother pronounced her. Then I asked her to not respond by yelling at her mom. I asked her to try to remain calm. I asked her to try and forget that she was the fifteen year old and be mature in this situation. She promised to call if things went bad tonight. I told her that I would see her the next day.
We were suppose to have coffee tomarrow. I was going to take her to the movies, maybe she'd stay the night with me. Not now. Her mom is threatening to call the police. She's already in trouble. This call will land her in Juvinile hall. There goes our coffee plans.
The situation she lives in is abusive. I wish I could take her into my house, keep her. I wish she could have, for once, listened to me and stayed in her room.
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 the end.    2004-05-10 17:59:24 ET
I am currently working on the last project that I have to do for the semester. I have been working on it for days and I feel like I am getting no where. I have until noon tomarrow. I don't think I am going to make it. Why do I always have an unyeilding sence of doom and failure as I near the end of things? Anyways, by this time tomarrow my last final will be over and my beloved has promised a celebration of the end of my hell.
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