adventures in art    2004-05-05 21:59:15 ET
I finished my costume design for "Dracula". I colored the renderings with pastels. Never used pastels before, they turned out suprisingly well. I commented this to my boy. He says in a very matter of fact tone. "Yeah pastels are really easy, I can get a portrait done with them in like an hour."
Thanks honey, for making me feel like I accually acomplished something. Grrr

 What is going on?    2004-05-03 23:02:07 ET
It’s not my place to judge. . I am not her mother. I don’t know what is going on in her head. I really have no right to say anything. All I know is what I see worries me. I’ve tried to ask her about the odd behavior. “nothings wrong”, “I’m fine.” Just today I loaned her money for childcare. She didn’t have the two dollars they charge to watch her daughter while she works out. She just got home from going out to play pool. She dumped a lot of coins in the coin jar. “Left over pool money.” She's been doing alot of weird things. Going out at odd times. leaving Kyla with me almost every night. She gets angry quickly. Whatever her deal is, it's starting to piss me off.

 On this day 26 years ago.....    2004-04-28 15:22:50 ET
It's my birthday today... Happy birthday to me ;)

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