in the midst of finals    2004-04-26 21:28:51 ET
I ditched school work this weekend and did lots of cool stuff.
I saw a double feature at a drive in movie. Never been to a drive in movie before. It was lots of fun to sit in the hatchback surrounded by pillows & microwave popcorn.

I saw Billy Crystal in a improvish storytelling of his life. Freaking amazing. I want to be taken to my first movie by Billie Holiday. He is a good actor, really funny, You don't get to see that in stupid award shows.

I met my Boyfriend's entire family. He is the youngest of five children. Lots of questions, and silly small talk. I found out that he talks about me alot. I am thinking that's a good thing.

And part of a converstion from a dinner on sunday that I find funny:

Brian- "It tastes funny. They are trying to poison me"
Tracy- "With cinnimon. That may take a while."

 differences    2004-04-22 01:07:54 ET
I had a silly reflection moment tonight as I ate dinner at my boyfriend's house.

Upon arrival I was informed that he was in the shower. I was then ushered into the kitchen and promptly fed.

As I munched on my bread I suddenly had a memory of a lifetime ago when I was eighteen and dating this boy whose family was constantly cracked out on drugs. (I am not exaggerating). I arrived one evening to be informed that he was in the shower. His mother grabbed me by the hand and led me over to the bathroom. Where she and his brother pushed me into the bathroom.

In both of these homes I had been quickly included as part of the family. My roles, however, are extreemly different. In the Present Family I am one of the children. I am offered food the moment I step in the house, There is a feeling of total acceptance and no responciblity. In the home I was welcomed into eight years ago, I was the caretaker. I cooked, cleaned, bandaged wounds from drunken fights, and Dyed his mother's hair every month. I almost married the boy when I was eighteen.
I tried to picture where I would be had I not come to realize my limits and remove myself from the long ago family. This little mental journey made the meatloaf I was eating taste so much better.
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 happy sounds    2004-04-19 13:31:05 ET
A new addition to the list of happy sounds:

The sound of the tube lid clinking shut over a finished light plot (drafted by hand thank you very much!)

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