Kersplink.....    2004-04-18 22:28:37 ET
Tonight's random quote award goes to Jeff for his sudden confession at dinner tonight... "I once blew an entire tater tot out of my nose." Thank you Jeff.

In other news: I am having a murder mystery dinner in a couple of weeks. The theme is "Assanation in Hollywood". I think that I will serve shishca bobs (sp?) for dinner. I am having trouble trying to figure out what an eclectic bunch of celebrities would eat at a dinner where all invited are suspects in a murder case (Monkey Brains, Although popular in Cantonese cuisine, are not often found in Washington D.C.) So does anyone have any suggestions?


 Stress    2004-04-15 21:24:57 ET
Stuff with school and work and people have me running in circles and feeling depressed. Tonight talking to a woman whom I have alot of respect for, she prayed for me and then handed me a bottle of valerian (an herb that is really good for relaxation). So now I am going to do some pilates and stretch, drink some chai tea, and then take the valarian so I can sleep.

 I am content fitting through the door.    2004-04-12 23:40:53 ET
I have been stuck in hours of research on the 17th and 18th centuries. Too bad corsets and huge skirts are a pain in the butt to wear. It would be fun to dress like that for no reason.

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