Am I in Hell?    2004-04-07 21:13:27 ET
I have two assignments due tomarrow. For one of the assignments, I cannot find the paper that tells me what I am suppose to do. For the other assignment, I can't find my copy of the play I have to write a scene chart for. It feels very scary weird that of all my school work, only that which is due tomarrow is missing.

 Silly dreams    2004-03-30 22:27:31 ET
The nightmares had calmed down a bit. I haven't had one in a while, except for the last few days. I have had two about a good friend. These last two dreams scare me alot. As random as my nightmares tend to be, there is a certian normality to them I can't explain. These dreams I have had lately are nothing like what I have had before. From both dreams I woke up physically sick from what I had seen. I have only an email address for this person so I have written him hoping he will write back and tell me he's ok. i hope I can get back to sleep.

 Obituary    2004-03-22 17:51:32 ET

Kelly Katherine died today. She was found underneath a large pile of papers and text books. She had apparently been trying to finish the unbelievable amount of homework when the mound overwhelmed and asphyxiated her. She is survived by her turtles James and Jerold.
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