stupid afternoon    2004-02-28 13:30:49 ET
So I am making flags. They are lage peices of material connected to sticks that I dance with. I have made quite few in my day. These new ones just aren't being friendly. The material slips out of the machine quite easily and my neice just broke one of the sticks. I need to get these done today but the obstacles are making me rather apathectic and I cannot keep focused on finishing them.

My landlord has just informed me that we cannot keep our pets. I am dreading telling Sara (My roomate) She loves her rat. My turtles are, as far as he knows, an extended babysitting situation. I have to find a new home for them.

 Once again around the dance floor    2004-02-26 17:00:32 ET
So my declaration stating my eternal single hood has lasted, oh about four weeks. He is someone I had met at my church, his phone call, however came out of the blue. When he picked me up to take me to dinner he had brought me a wire sculpture of a backpack he had made for me. Did I mention that he is an artist and crazy amazingly talented? He showed up the next night at my dance class. We spent the day after that playing with paint. And well, I have seen him everyday since.
I have never been very good at relationships. The beginning part that so many people love, never sits well with me. So I am at this moment, really happy, but really frightened.

 Grrr    2004-02-17 15:02:46 ET
If you want my help with anything, ask me. Do not tell your sob story with intentions of me offering to help you out of pity. If you call me and say "Hey Kell, my plans sort of fell through, do you suppose we could stay with you when we get to San Diego?"

I would reply "Of Course. All I got is a couch but you are more than welcome to it."

If you call me and all you say is "My grandfather is really ill so we can't stay with him. You think that there might be reasonable hotel prices?"

I will tell you "I am not sure but good luck" I will then hang up and be angry at you for the next few hours. I don't respond well to guilt trips. Family or not.

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