2004-02-14 20:28:11 ET
So the guests that were comming to stay with me who decided not to come, are going to arrive shortly. The house is clean and my roommate is singing Eminem songs in Lounge singer style. Yeah, today has been pretty random

 So there.    2004-02-12 01:04:12 ET
The following is a rant about what I believe. If merely mentioning the word God offends you than you don't want to read this. Have a nice day

I got into a fight with A Jehovah’s Witness today. Not a violent argument but I was close. The lady dressed in a nice skirt was trying to offer me some booklet that involved me looking up a bunch of scriptures. My protests included that I was already Christian, I attended a bible study, I read my bible daily. Every protest was replied with the same stupid answer of how I should take this workbook because it had scripture in it that I should read. I asked her why she felt I needed it, she gave me the same reply. I told her that I was a different denomination than her, she gave me the same reply. I asked her what is was suppose to teach me, she gave me the same stupid reply.
She could not tell me how it would apply to my Life. She could not give me relevance to my situation. She could not break out of her rehearsed sales pitch to listen to what I wanted to know. If you cannot get passed a pat answer to make your point relevant to me, do not waste my time. There is this image that is sold or bought by anything that calls itself Christian. It is an image of perfection. Of perfect solutions and perfect resaults. The perfect answer to turn your nameless problem into the carbon copy outcome of happiness and fulfillment.

I want to apologize to anyone how was handed this crap upon meeting someone who wanted you to meet Jesus, or Jehovah, or to just join the faith because a church that fills it’s seats is a success.

This is not Christianity.

It is not about a perfect appearance. It is not about strictly adhering to the incredibly long lists of rights and wrongs. That crap is created by people who think they should know the answers. There is this thinking that If I have accepted Jesus into my life than someone has then smacked me over the head with the magic book and I am further more cured of all my fallacies and weaknesses. There is this fear that creeps in that tells me if I do not present myself as having it all together than someone will not believe that God is real. Why do you think that so many people are hurt by religious organizations? They walk in expecting a place where perfection has been obtained and instead they find a bunch of people who have the propensity to screw up. If you are depending on my perfect behavior to tell you whether or not God is real then you are stupid. I will say the wrong things, I will misinterpret, I will judge unkindly. But in case you missed the sticker on my shirt, the name is Kelly Katherine, Not God the Father.
This fear of showing imperfection breeds shallowness and easy answers. That somehow faith is having the answers. I have Faith. Most of the time I have Faith because I have no answers. I may not be able to tell you what you want to know but I will do my best to help you find that answer.
The God I Believe in Spent his time here on earth with the social rejects. He never once told anyone That they had to be perfect in order to obtain heaven. The God I know holds love above outward appearance. His disciples where not these depicted creatures devoid of humanity. The apostle Paul caused riots where ever he went.
If all we really needed was a plan of how to make our lives better we wouldn’t have needed anything more than the writings of plato and Confuscious.

 I went to a baby shower    2004-02-09 19:20:22 ET
Why is it that when saying the most horrible things about people, simply adding the phrase "bless their heart" to the end, makes it all better?

*Accual Quote* "He is the ugliest guy I have seen in a while, bless his heart."

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