2004-02-08 21:55:19 ET
This evening I spent some time talking to a fifteen year old girl that goes to my church. She approached me for advice. She had started smoking pot again and she wanted to stop. I asked her why she started smoking pot. She told me that it was to numb the pain. She continued in explaining that she really didnít want to feel the way she felt, but the pot was not making things better. We wandered off the subject she approached me on and talked about the messed up circumstances which is her life. This girl is really impressive. She doesnít realize it but she has her act together. At one point she tells me that she use to be so goth and she had to have everything black. Until she realized what a poser she was and went shopping deciding to not care what she was and just wear what she liked. She has a lot of anger held against her different sets of parents and she is wanting just to let that go. As I said, she is so much more together than she thinks.

Oh and I played spoons tonight. It has been so amazingly forever since I played that game. I lost, but I didnít sustain any bruises.


 What the blue sky had to offer me today.    2004-02-05 15:17:04 ET
Two days ago during the rain storm one of my turtles made a break for it. Cheeky little bugger. He is found now and I am happy.

A guy in one of my classes offered to sell me his drafting table for $20. I almost said yes at that moment. I don't think I have room to put it anywhere. So when My roommate arrives home I will discuss it with her. Just think.. a drafting table of my very own *stary eyes*

In my lighting class two people moved out of their normal seats to sit by me. This bit of information may sound rather inconsequential but on most days I don't talk to anyone. One wanted to read all the buttons on my satchel and the other was interested in how I felt about politics living in a society that was trying to stop all deviations from the "Norm". In another class someone asked if I wanted to be master electrition for the show he was designing. I couldn't because I am involved in another show that conflicts.

All in all it has been a day of happy occurences that have seem to drop out of nowhere.

 research    2004-02-02 20:11:30 ET
Today I took pictures of people for costume research. English student and proffessors. Have you ever honestly asked someone what they think about when they get dressed in the morning? The people I talked to today think only about comfort and color. They all told me that they tended to dress in Dark Blues and Reds, Yet all were dressed anything but that.

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