Leaving on a jet plane    2004-03-11 05:04:48 ET
*At 1:10 pm Kelly boarded a flight for Portland Oregon. SHe was headed for a weekend of silliness and visting friends she had not seen in a while.* AND THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING!

 I only go to the beach at night    2004-03-08 09:13:54 ET
Last night we Lit my christmas tree on fire. *giggle*. (Don't ponder to long on the fact that I still had my christmas tree in March.) We brought alot steel wool to set on fire and swing around. We got some fun pictures of fire spraying out in all sorts of directions. I even managed to hit myself with one. Burned my armpit.
Ok so here are the most quoteable quotes from last nights adventure:
" I am sheilding myself from the heat of the fire with my ass."

" I know the color of blood on Beige."

" So when a cat circles on yor back, Sleeping is not the only possiblity of what is to come next."

" Did you hear the noise? Neither did I but I am willing to pretend."

And the final quote is one of the reasons I have become so twiterpated with my David.

Me: You would do that for me?
Him: I would do so much more than that for you.
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 42    2004-03-04 12:00:52 ET
I wish I wasn't so selfish. A situation occurred last night where I am now involved as a mediator in a runaway case. This instance has presented itself to me as a place where I can help more than just Chrissy. There is no one the younger girls in my church have to talk to. The question has been posed if I would like to make myself available to that fill that void. This isn't really more than being open to being a sounding bored or someone to help out in difficult spots. All I can think about is how busy I am with School and work. Maybe it's fear of responsibility that has me pulling out excuses. I am not sure I can always figure out the right answer, yet there isn't anyone else even offering to try. Besides Chrissy there are two others that call me for help with less than perfect situations. It seems that whether or not I feel capable, I am in that place. Will I screw up? Will I just focus on my own stupid world and let the dead bury itself? Can I actually be a positive influence?
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