Yay. Moveout
2004-08-25 09:49:47 ET

so yeah, I just got home after signing my 12 month lease at the apartment complex that's about a 2 minute walk from the GSU campus. I move out today or tomorrow. Hoo boy, lots of shit to do!!

2004-08-25 03:07:54 ET

It's 8:10 am, and I'm just... Not even going to bother with my class. I'm far too exhausted to even stay awake in there, and it's a lecture. Meaning that I can just read my book and come out with the exact lesson that would have been done in class. So hey, why not just sleep. *is sitting in the library about to die*
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2004-08-24 16:31:11 ET

Peace is but a shadow of death,
desperate to forget its painful past...
Though we hope for promising years,
After shedding a thousand tears,
Yesterday’s sorrow constantly nears.
And while the moon still shines blue,
By dawn, it will turn to scarlet hue.

–Kuja, Final Fantasy IX

Just about the only poetry you'll hear me say "Damn I love that."
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My new friend.
2004-08-24 13:30:25 ET


Aha. My new buddy. She's this turtle I met at a lake, and she was screaming. put the two together and you've got a screamingturtle! Tehee. She's sweet. Loud just like me, and uber cute. <3

Other than that, my day was uneventful.

Funny, I keep meeting people because of their hair color. She had reddish hair, and I thought OOH HAIR MUST TALK. Awesomeness. Much love to you all.

Yankee Doodle!
2004-08-24 12:57:08 ET

heh, if you ever learn the real meaning behind the weird words of this song, you'll never want to hear a child sing it again.

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