fucking hell!!!
2004-08-31 11:05:23 ET

Man, I got ripped off today. Walked off, and didn't realize I left my bag sitting there. Someone stole it. Heh, took my apartment key, my 90 dollar book, and a test that's due at 8 am tomorrow. This day officially blows. Not to mention these fuckers STILL HAVEN'T CLEANED MY APARTMENT!

2004-08-29 12:10:04 ET

Ya know? I don't exactly think I'm gonna move out. I wonder if I can go up to the complex tomorrow and get out of that lease? I haven't moved shit in, it's not clean yet, it has no smoke detector... And other stuff. I don't exactly have the money guaranteed yet to be able to live there for a full year, so... I think I'll wait. Keep my 2000 from financial aid, have a decent semester this go around, and then move out next semester.

I mean.. goddamn, parties every weekend, people'll be using my damn bathroom to do shit in. I dunno.

Interesting party
2004-08-28 23:30:07 ET

Well that was a lovely party we had, we were starting to get big until this fucking idiot slit his arm with a fillet knife and bled all over my apartment. Gah. Stupid drunk morons, kill yourself elsewhere kay?

lazy bastard.
2004-08-28 05:48:54 ET

Yeah, heh I still haven't moved into the apartment yet. I'm going to do that today though. About to run over, and show my mom the place in a few minutes. It's pretty small, but for only 339, fully inclusive, all bills, and cable modem... Not to mention being right on campus. I'm willing to deal with not much space. As long as I can fit my computer on a desk somewhere I'm happy.

Crashed over at Gabrielle's the other night, and probably doing the same tonight. Party party! I love friendly people. I'm in such a good mood lately. Gabby rules. :D

And gay people rock. Like all her friends are gay. It's funny. *can't wait for tonight*

2004-08-25 20:44:09 ET

I got laid tonight. Yep, my first time with a guy. Mmm.. It was kind of awkward, but it had its moments. I feel special now.

God I was so nervous, that was a first. I felt like some virgin teenager!

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