2004-09-21 17:57:16 ET

DUDE THIS RULES. The song is just so badass. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone! You gotta watch this shit. Look in the top right for the PLAY NOW button.

2004-09-20 19:25:56 ET

Yo people. I got new clothes the other day... Oh my god I love them. The middle gallery is the new one. I'm all dressered up, hope you like! Tell me watcha think.

Me drinking = bad
2004-09-18 08:59:59 ET

I was drunk last night, at a party in my apartment complex. This girl was there, hitting on me, and she kissed me. She had gotten broken up with her boyfriend of 5 years two before beforehand. So everyone is telling me not to touch her. That's the funny thing about ex boyfriends, they still think they have some warped kind of fucking control over their woman after THEY BROKE UP WITH THEM. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! The ex's roommate was there, told me if I kissed her again he'd come over there and beat my ass. I told him that'd be great, because then we'd be in a fight and I haven't fought in a while. And he was all telling me that 20 other people would help him. So at this point, I'm so fucking pissed off. I went home and got a knife, and came back. I sat there for... a while waiting for him to say some more shit to me. I remember sitting there crying because nobody there would talk to me, and the only person who would wasn't 'allowed' to. I remember putting a cigarette out on my hand also. Nasty looking wound there right now. Fucking humans, I hate you all.

It's so funny, this is a regular repeating occurrence. I hate standing outside the window and looking in, and that's how it has always fucking been. I fit in nowhere.

2004-09-14 17:18:26 ET

I love satirical writings. If you ever get a chance to read A modest proposal by Jonathan Swift, do it. you won't regret it. I EAT BABIES!

2004-09-11 14:46:07 ET

Second football game of the season I believe, I just got back. Left at halftime when it started to rain. It was.. pathetic. we had 58-0. So there was no point in staying.

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