2004-09-28 19:41:35 ET

So like yeah, my buddy Reed is always being this evil computer gamer person. He's always been playing Diablo 2 every time I go over to his apartment. Well, I'm fucked. I got sucked into the horrors of the game, and now I'm fanatical about it. Goddamn level 28 necromancers. I rule. Bow down. <3

2004-09-27 22:19:04 ET

Hey guess what? My good friend Steve-o is fucking a girl in my closet right now. Isn't that cute? I think so. You can hear the moaning.. then the smacking and then.. Uhm.. yep.

nice night
2004-09-26 15:56:56 ET

Whee, last night was hilarious. Big party over at Reed's house, (my new best friend) and like, it was awesome. We polished off a gallon of whiskey in under 20 minutes. Crazy drunk people! Hahah.

Well, the funny thing was this beautiful girl was hitting on me. But... she's my good friend's girlfriend. However, twenty minutes after that, her boyfriend is hitting on me and gives me a kiss. Later on, he's all "When me and Jeanette break up, it's YOU AND ME MOE!" So yeah. Life is good.

Rate me damn it!
2004-09-24 09:43:58 ET


Gimme good numbers and I'll love you.

welll shit
2004-09-22 03:38:42 ET

I've royally fucked up. I got a 90 on my first macro test, but I keep oversleeping and missing class. I had a test due monday that I overslept, then it was due again at 8 this morning and I overslept. That's like.. an automatic 60 on the test. Not to mention that I had to guess on half the test as it is.

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