My roommate is an idiot
2004-10-14 06:47:42 ET

My roommate is a moron. All he does is smoke weed and eat shrooms all freaking day. i'm going up to the office in a few days to get him kicked out. It's really getting old. He doesn't clean, and uses so many dishes it's not even funny. Death to lazy people! I'm sick of cleaning this damn house every other day.

2004-10-11 21:16:51 ET

Well, I'm rather full right now. bored with things in general. Been being bad lately I have. Drugs and stuff. My friend has adhd medicine, and the other night I was smoking a few pills of it. Then his girlfriend breaks up with him, and he punches a door and breaks his hand. He gets loratabs or however ya spell em, and I took like 10 of them in a single day. Oops! Then.... Last night I got a methadone pill from a friend. Oh god that stuff is fun, then completely fucks up your day by making you itch and sleep non stop.

Other than that, life is just life. It keeps going and going and going. Wahoo.

2004-10-04 09:33:55 ET

Yep. I should stop sleeping with my employer. wow. She's 35, and very unattractive. Hmm.. what have I done?

Fuck, just fuck
2004-09-30 20:11:28 ET

So yeah. I have to move yet again. My roommates found out I'm bisexual, and wrote that shit on my window. We had a talk earlier, and I was just like... Hey, you know, if there's going to be a problem, I leave. So yeah, now I've got to gather all my shit and find a new apartment in this miserable complex. I really really really don't like people at the moment.

Very very angry.
2004-09-30 01:02:48 ET

I came home today from eating at Checker's with Reed, and someone had written "No dick sucking, faggot cock sucker, no faggots allowed" in magic marker on my window. I screamed, I cussed, and I threw my neighbors chair into the garbage can. It wasn't him, but I know who it was: This moron who claims to be some white supremacist. So... what I did was to go around the ghetto of campus courtyard where he lives, and tell every black person there "Hey, you know that fat white kid with a shaved head? Well, he's a neo nazi and always talks about killing niggers" Shit hits the fan real soon, I promise you this. Nobody fucks with me, goddamnit.

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