No driving!
2003-07-10 19:34:34 ET

Never attempt to start out driving using a 5 speed... scary piece of equipment there. *sigh* I can't believe I don't have a clue how to drive and I'm 18. yuck. Hopeless!

2003-07-09 05:48:54 ET

Le sigh. Time to move back home with my parents, since heather can't seem to find a job anywhere near this place. Ah well. She's going to Florida to live with her parents, and As soon as I'm done here, I'll be joining her down there. However, I have a job interview in the next week or so for something that will pay about 50,000 a year. Anyone heard of Micrographic Sciences Inc.? I'll be working for their senior software engineer.

slowly life passes me by..
2003-06-11 11:12:51 ET

Ahh I'm off work and out of class for a couple of days.. it's rather nice. Sit around all day, browse the net, and be with Heather. Almost time for another quarter's end at Ogeechee Tech folks.. and on to Cisco 4. I'm sleepy, hungry, and broke. Ah well.

Doom + Keramik = god
2003-05-28 06:30:10 ET

I'm just now getting around to downloading 'Syntax error' from Beta-virus, good god this thing is great. Sounds really really professional. Go check out doom's page!+

2003-05-19 07:38:23 ET

Hmm I'm engaged.. going to be married in the next two years. Happy happy joy joy. What a nice day.

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