job job job job This will be fun
2003-09-11 08:38:00 ET

Excerpt from an email I got from a future co-worker;

"Please give me an idea about how tight your class and work schedules are.
If you are that interested I would like to prepare to take you to a bank
site. Perhaps in Orlando or Washington.

When I am available, I will let you know and then send you an e-mail to
schedule a visit. At that time, I will go over things with you and a
parent. I will also provide the consent forms for the drug test. At that
point, I will take you for your drug test."

Three weeks.. Washington or Orlando for some hands on experience. This'll be fun!

No more Cisco!
2003-09-04 06:32:32 ET

Hmph! No more Cisco! I just finished my last class of the CCNA cirriculum. Now.. On to my core classes, and I'll be done here in about 5 months. Yay for Degrees

2003-08-22 08:43:04 ET

Woo I lost my job. Right after I paid for my new computer stuff. I'm pissed that I lost it... kinda ... But damn.. Thank GOD I don't have to clean up other people's SHIT. Nasty truck drivers. *shudder*

2003-08-19 13:54:40 ET

I'm hyped. Today, I got en email from saying that my order had shipped, and will probably be here Thursday. Of course, the real fun is knowing what I ordered!

ABIT NF7-S motherboard
AMD XP 2600+ processor (333 mhz front side bus)
256 megabytes of DDR ram
XGamer See through black computer case

I cannot WAIT to get this shit.

2003-07-30 17:18:10 ET

You know you're bored when you waste 8 dollars on a penthouse magazine. At least some of the pictures are...quite nice.

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