interesting read
2003-10-30 08:48:31 ET

Amusing to say the least. It's a wonder someone would write over a hundred pages nearly of information on 'real vampires'

2003-10-22 16:39:02 ET

A few of you will love this.
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Sadists oh my!
2003-10-16 08:14:46 ET

My girlfriend is a sadist. Not the old Fiancee mind you, but my new one. She's a girlfriend/stalker/really good sex giver. But she's way too strung out. Too fucking hyper and really needs to lay off of the stackers. She's not fat, but yet she takes those damnable pills that make you lose weight and give you energy. As if she wasn't hyper enough. Sheesh. Did I mention damn good sex?

The best site in the universe!
2003-09-22 11:40:40 ET

My new hero.

18 hmm
2003-09-18 16:32:08 ET

huh I've actually started to act like I'm 18. Parties every weekend.. dating everyone I can find. Ahh the love. School just got out yesterday, and I get a lonnnnnng two weeks off. Joy.

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