2004-01-09 18:12:05 ET

I seem to have become a stoner. It seems every day after class, I go smoke with a few friends. Uh oh..

I'm alive. And no, crazy chick didn't get me :P
2004-01-04 07:32:00 ET

Yes yes yes. I'm alive. Sorry, I haven't been online too much lately. Been sleeping all day and stuff on the break. Crazy girl didn't get me, no. For all of those asking *grin*

But uh.. Jenny disappeared. Just poof, gone. I haven't talked to her ever since she was walking away from my house after we had sex like three weeks ago. She went to Augusta after someone in her family died, and never went back to work. Got fired. Ah well.

2003-12-04 11:22:34 ET

damn.. Jenny kicks ass. She is the -only- girl I have -ever- enjoyed having sex with. (No I'm not into guys either so don't ask!) but goddamn I love sex. *swoon*

I hate no existent parties
2003-11-15 20:09:11 ET

Well now.. I'm so happy. I just finally got home. I heard there was a party tonight at the usual location. So i'm like.. ah what the hell, I may as well go.

I walked.

I walked for two hours in boots

There was no party.

Someone is going to die.
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2003-11-12 09:57:15 ET

Bush is odd. I don't see why he hasn't been impeached by now. Clinton can't get his dick sucked, but Bush can wage war on terrorism and Iraq on lies. What the fuck is wrong with our country?

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