woo! work!
2003-04-23 04:13:18 ET

Ha I gots me a job. Working at my uncle's convenience store. Love those Chevron stations. Fourty hours a week, and I get paid weekly. Thank god. Now I just have to help my girl get a job too.

what the fuck?!
2003-04-21 04:17:10 ET

All of the sudden, I find myself kicked out of my house, and living with my newfound girlfriend.. This has been the most interesting time of my life. I have to get a job.. -now-

Saturday = monday
2003-04-14 15:37:48 ET

Oh my goooooooooood I had sex! Jesus christ.. year and a half, I last an hour, and was no where near done. God this has been a good day.

saturday.. drool
2003-04-10 09:26:38 ET

mm I can't wait for saturday!! Sex for the first time in.. a year and a fucking half. I lurve my new girlfriend.. yum yum... I'm not going to last 2 minutes le sigh :(

The ho diggah is BAAAAAAACK!
2003-04-03 19:59:41 ET

First day of the quarter up at the college. BAM! The -only- goth chick there, and I'm talking to her. I've been invited to a club some thursday with her for their 'goth night'

All this is lovely, and I've been flirted with by multiple women today. So... this qualifies for the best damn day I've had in years!

Heather is the goth.. sooooo thin.. just like that one girl.. hrm.. Moxie knows what I'm talkin about ;) She's like.. 5'10 and weighs 105. It's a bit frightening, I hope I don't break her :/

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