2005-07-14 13:50:54 ET

If you have never heard of the decemberists, now is the time. Go to Ares and download "Mariner's Revenge Song" By Decemberists. If you don't, god will come from my eyeballs, and you will fry like an onion ring. This is the ultimate pirate song. Because pirates are cool. Why are you still reading this? Go DOWNLOAD THE FUCKING SONG.

I hate the gay population of statesboro.
2005-07-13 22:59:14 ET

gay men in statesboro suck. I learned today that some guy who I met a while back denied me a job because I was a "douchebag who was bad in bed." Apparently, I had slept with the guy (bullshit) and I sucked in bed. So I didn't get a fucking job. Fuck this town, and fuck gay men. Two faced assholes. I was always so friendly.... :(

2005-03-26 10:52:46 ET

Yay, new picture/avatar. Xanni and his girlfriend Sara. Have fun kids.

Spring break over is over over over....
2005-03-22 21:07:45 ET


Aside from that, I spent spring break with my girlfriend up in atlanta. good stuff. It got pretty boring after about 5 days because her mom became a complete time bomb and went off on the weirdest of things. But all in all, I had a good time.

Oh, did I mention I've become a horrible horrible Magic: the gathering geek? Again!

2005-02-15 22:02:28 ET

Oh god, hearing about this today just kills me. I can't wait!!

I've been playing Castlevania games the same length of time as I have been playing Final Fantasy... about 14 years.

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